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Free3D 4 months ago

1967 Maserati Ghibli 3D Model Free Download

Calling all car lovers and 3D design enthusiasts! Cruise down memory lane with this free 3D model of the iconic 1967 Maserati Ghibli.

1967 Maserati Ghibli 3D Model Information:

  • Available 3D Files: .obj (compatible with many 3D software programs)
  • Textures: No (apply your own for a custom look!)
  • Materials: Yes (pre-set materials to get you started)
  • File Size: 36.4 MB (consider storage space before downloading)
  • Polygons: 466332 (detailed enough for close-up renders)
  • Vertices: 235777
  • Rigged: No
  • Animated: No
  • License: Non-commercial
1967 Maserati Ghibli 3D Model Free Download
1967 Maserati Ghibli 3D Model Free Download

Bring the Classic Car Era to Life in 3D:

This high-quality model is perfect for a variety of non-commercial projects, including:

  • Creating stunning car animations or hyper-realistic renders
  • Developing detailed 3D racing games
  • Designing classic car showrooms or virtual museums
  • Adding a touch of vintage Italian style to any 3D scene

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Apply custom textures to create a specific paint color or design for the Maserati.
  • Modify the scene to create a classic car rally or a scenic coastal drive.
  • Animate the model to showcase its sleek design and driving dynamics.

Please note that this model is not for commercial use.

Embrace the Legacy in 3D!

This free 1967 Maserati Ghibli 3D model is a powerful tool to bring your classic car-themed projects to life. With its detailed design, .obj format compatibility, and pre-set materials, it’s a fantastic choice for both car enthusiasts and 3D artists!

Download the Model:

  • Search online for “1967 Maserati Ghibli 3D Model Free Download 3D Model Org” or “.obj Maserati Ghibli Model”.
  • Look for websites specializing in free 3D models, such as Free3D CC : https://free3dmodel.org
  • Be sure the website allows downloads in the .obj format.
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