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Free3D 4 months ago

Land Rover Defender Police 3D Model Download

Calling all 3D artists, game developers, and animation enthusiasts! Looking to add a touch of authority to your non-commercial projects? Look no further than this free Land Rover Defender Police Car 3D model!

Important Note: Due to the large file size (38 MB), ensure you have enough storage space before downloading.

Land Rover Defender Police 3D Model Information:

  • Available 3D Files: .blend
  • Textures: Yes (pre-applied textures for a police car)
  • Materials: Yes (pre-set materials for a realistic look)
  • File Size: 38 MB (large and detailed model)
  • Polygons: 442385 (highly detailed for close-up renders)
  • Vertices: 2529943
  • Rigged: No
  • Animated: No
  • License: Non-commercial
Land Rover Defender Police 3D Model Download
Land Rover Defender Police 3D Model Download

Uphold the Law in 3D:

This high-quality model is perfect for a variety of non-commercial projects, including:

  • Creating realistic police chases in games or animations
  • Designing immersive cityscapes
  • Developing 3D illustrations for law enforcement presentations
  • Adding a sense of authority to any 3D scene

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Modify the existing textures to create a police car from a specific country or region.
  • Use the model as a base to create a fleet of police vehicles.
  • Animate the model with flashing lights and sirens for a realistic scene.

Please note that this model is not for commercial use.

Serve and Protect in 3D!

This free Land Rover Defender Police Car 3D model is a powerful tool to bring your law enforcement-themed projects to life. With its high level of detail and pre-applied textures, you can create a convincing police vehicle for your creative needs!

Download the Model: 

  • Search online for “Land Rover Defender Police 3D Model Free Download”.
  • Look for reputable websites specializing in free 3D models, such as Sketchfab, CGTrader, or TurboSquid.
  • Pay attention to file size (38 MB) and ensure your internet connection can handle a large download.
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